Results of the transnational questionnaire


Results of the transnational questionnaire

As part of its internal Evaluation and Quality Plan, the consortium of START IN carried out a public survey with the aim to identify the expectations of the stakeholders of the project. This survey aimed to consider the people’s opinion that successfully answered the questions as a valuable contribution to the quality and pertinence of the project’s objectives. The survey was based on the six key evaluation criteria: relevancy, effectiveness, efficiency, impact, sustainability and added value for my organization.

As a result, the START IN approach has been very well considered focusing mainly in the EU competencies “entrepreneurship” and “personal, social and learning”. The expectations of each intellectual output are high in terms of usability and innovation. The challenge of taking everything to practice and the importance of connecting the educational sector (educators and pupil students) with the entrepreneurship sector has raised up as relevant. Also, the future use of the START IN outcomes by the educators, even more in those countries where education in entrepreneurship is not very developed, are foreseen as a very good opportunity to promote inclusive and innovative entrepreneurship among the educational sector.

All the information collected by this survey will contribute to the excellence of START IN achievements.