START-IN 5th partnership meeting


START-IN 5th partnership meeting

The fifth partnership meeting in the START-IN project was held 30-31 January, 2019 in Coventry, England, hosted by representatives from the Centre for Post digital Cultures of the University of Coventry.

The meeting started with project management documentation and updates from the Coordinator, followed by feedback from the second pilot phase with recommendations for future piloting activities, led by the partner JAMK. JAMK also updated partners on the Guide with recommendations to mainstream Inclusive and Innovative Entrepreneurship Education in Europe.

Other important parts of the meeting concerned discussions and presentations of the project digital results, i.e. multilingual e-learning platform and mobile instructional learning app (the attached pictures will let you have a glimpse at the work done). Instructions were also provided on the set of tailor-made mobile apps.

Time was also devoted to plan multiplier events, other project dissemination activities, exploitation and evaluation.

While their visit in Coventry, meeting participants had the chance to visit the Disruptive Media Learning Lab space, as well as take part in presentations and networking with Coventry University staff.

The START IN partnership will next meet 17/18 June 2020, in Turkey for the final meeting and Project Conference